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Customer Success Transitions

Hi, I’m Tony Wittinger, I am the founder behind Customer Success Transitions.

Do you find yourself struggling to find balance, enjoyment, or meaning in your career?

Have you come to a career crossroads, unsure of what to do next in your career?

Has your current situation made your job unsustainable?

This was me 6 years ago.

Healthcare was burning me out. Literally destroying my life.

Student loans were piling up, constantly frustrated with my career, essentially I was battling career depression.

I tied my identity to my graduate degree. I felt shame, I saw myself as a failure if I didn’t use my hard-earned degree.

The head games were real. I was in an unsustainable position.

There had to be a solution. I wanted to change but didn’t know where to start.

I felt helpless.

My fixed mindset was stopping me from branching out.

Shifting my mindset was my first step to recovering and rebuilding my career.

It was difficult, I made mistakes, but I also found success.

These successes helped shape my experience and perspective.

This career success has driven me to help others.

Have you experienced these feelings? Do you want to improve your career, life, income?

Do these feelings make you anxious, nervous, frustrated, or unhappy?

Believe me, I’ve been there. There is hope, a light for this darkness.

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